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Who we are

We’re a dedicated team of motivated self-starters looking to help likeminded business men and women. If you’re an entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, creator, or influencer - we want to help you monetize and optimize your life. I know what you need to succeed because I’ve been in your position. I’ve faced obstacles every step of the way, and I know how to conquer those obstacles and succeed in every market. Whatever your business plans are, we can help. From early-stage investing, to partnership opportunities, scaling your business and everything in-between. We also have a full suite of business services to compliment your existing operations like: 24/7 call centers, fulfillment services, white labeling, and more.

Real Estate Investments

Golden house surrounded by coins

The investment team has over 15 years of experience in purchasing Real Estate. They have purchased and developed many properties ranging from single family homes, apartment units, commercial buildings and warehouses. They also provide short term rental listings for events, film productions, commercials, music videos, weddings, parties, network events, etc.

Fulfillment Services

Our Fulfillment company has three different facilities around the world located in California, London and Australia. They warehouse and ship different products all around the world for different businesses. It is a very similar model of what Amazon does.

Fulfillment center warehouse

Call Center Services

Our Call Center has Spanish, French, German & English speaking agents that provide customer service & outbound telemarketing for clients. They have over 500 agents that provide an amazing service to do their clients.

Call center agent

Shipping Insurance

We are an insurance company licensed in both property and casualty and are able to transact multiple lines of coverage. We are proud to offer tailored solutions for any situation while remaining in full compliance with each country’s unique regulatory requirements with their insurance platform. They provide shipping insurance for tangible products. Meaning, they insure shipments that might be lost, stolen or damaged.

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Private Label Manufacturing

We are an international leader in contract manufacturing of health and beauty products. Contract manufacturing is the cornerstone of their business, and they have instilled industry best practices to ensure products are efficient, reliable and represent clients brands. We specialize in private labeling products for our clients.

Containers of supplements and cosmetic products with blank labels that say your brand here

Affiliate Network

Our Affiliate Network allows you to market and promote the world's leading health and beauty offers on the net. The network is a global leader in the health and beauty industry offering a wide variety of business opportunities for our affiliates and merchants. Their goal is simple...To help merchants and affiliates work together in growing both of their businesses in the health and beauty industry. They have thousands of affiliates around the world that market our health & beauty offers online.

Supplement pills and capsules

Landscape Design Service

We are the fastest-growing online design company in the world, currently designing everywhere in the United States, Australia & Canada. Over 50,000 Homeowners have used our design service for their Dream Yard.

Screenshots of Shrubhub website

Supplement & Skincare Lines

We operate health & beauty product lines. The supplements and skin care products that are distributed world wide. We ship products to 217 countries around the world.

Bottles of Butraprice supplements: vitamin D, fish oil, multivitamins

Cannabis Cultivation

We have a very talented and experienced team in the Cannabis cultivation industry. All our buildings are legally licensed to cultivate. We have experts in cultivating and providing the best quality products on the market. The team has over 20 years of experience in cultivating Cannabis.

Cannabis leaves and cbd oil containers
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